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Publishing error! Hey everyone, I have been including with the CD's a correction, but wanted to make sure it was noted here as well. My good friend Jim Funk plays bass on Seven Coins. He is a much superior bass player so it might be obvious to some. Thanks Big Jim, and sorry about the misprint.
Charcoal Sky is available on both iTunes and Amazon. Very excited. Go check it out!



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Charcoal Sky: CD

Charcoal Sky: CD

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Album released in July 2015. One review said, "I'm not easily moved to write reviews.... in fact this may be only my second one I've written in my music career. Up until last year, I was the lead guitarist for the seminal 60s psychedelic band "It's a Beautiful Day". I've been playing music professionally for 45 years. When I heard this CD, I was truly floored. It's such a complete body of work that Jim Raines has managed to squeeze into such a relatively small amount of time. The songs range from Americana to Pop to Pyscho-Hillbilly to beautiful ballads..... and more, for which description escapes me. The music is a fantastic cross-section of styles and sentiments, but in such a delightful way that every subsequent song is fresh, exciting and never a re-hash of what you just listened to, nor a clone of anything else you think you may have already heard. My only criticism is that I'll probably have to wait another three or four years before Jim puts out another CD. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a fresh approach to song craftsmanship and just plain old good music!!" Rob Espinosa