About Jim

I got my start back in the 70s with my family.  At the age of 8 my family started playing gigs around Central Virginia under the name of The Rainedrops.  This started with my two older sisters and me singing along with my mother on piano and my father playing banjo.  This progressed to me playing drums and singing in the family group.  Along the way I learned to play guitar, piano and trumpet in junior high.  After high school I joined the Pat Cray Band out of Charlotte, N.C.  I was always writing and eventually moved out to San Francisco.  In the late 80s I started a band that at first went under my name, but morphed into a band called Tofu Johnson.  This band lasted until about the mid 90s.  After that I did not perform original music but continued to write and record.  In the late 2000s I started playing in the Sacramento area in California.  I also made some of my material available on iTunes.  Currently my latest release, Charcoal Sky, is available on iTunes and Amazon. Hopefully, I will see you out at a show in the near future.